Saturday, July 14, 2012

Matte Glitter Madness! Nail Pattern Boldness Seppuku (With a Frisbee)

I recently came across a new indie brand of polish, and fell into the nefarious trap of buying a polish because its name was too awesome to pass up.  Luckily, it turned out to be a good decision :D

But seriously, with a name like Seppuku (with a Frisbee), how could I resist?

The Kitteh was a huge fan of this polish.
Seppuku (with a Frisbee) is a mix of red, gold and orange matte glitters in a clear (or nearly clear) base that tends to photograph a bit more pink or coral than it shows up in real life, where it is much more orange. 

The density of glitter in this polish is unreal.  
This is one coat

There is a bit of difficulty with this polish as a result of its awesome density, though.

The concentration of glitter in this polish can make for a somewhat challenging application, as you can probably guess from the wand on the right. It can get a bit clumpy and make even coverage on the nail a bit difficult to achieve.  By the second coat, it had mostly evened out except for some bumpiness on my thumbs, but I think I'll add a bit of Seche Restore to my bottle before I use it again to smooth out the application.  

The polish is so fun and summery, though, that I will totally accept a bit of temperamental application.

Here's two coats of Seppuku (with a Frisbee), topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

This is a polish that people kept stopping to ask me about.  In person, it glows and seems almost juicy in its depth, despite the clear multicolored speckling of colors.  I usually stay away from oranges and yellows, but the reds in here really help to keep my skin from picking up the yellow tones, which it has a tendency to do with colors like this.

How gorgeous is this??

I'm still agog that this is two coats of a glitter in a clear base.  

If you have the patience to work with the glitter,  it's great payoff for a really fun look.

One more for the road!

Did I mention that the Kitteh approves?

Because she totally loves this polish.

Nail Pattern Boldness can be found at its etsy shop.  I purchased Seppuku (with a Frisbee) for $6.50, along with some other goodies (Ninja vs. Pirate ftw \o/), including an interesting product called Glitter Food (Fix a Flat), which works as a topcoat for hungry glitters *and* as a solution to sinking glitter.  I'm excited to see if this works on a couple of sleepy glitters I have. 

Bonus mani!

The Boy and I attended an anime convention last weekend, and in honor of this, I attempted my first nail art!  Since the Boy and I love us some Naruto, I went with Shippuden-themed nails :D

It's not perfect, but I like it! I tried to emulate the hem of Naruto's Sage Cloak and the Akatsuki muumuus of doom

Colors used are WnW Black Creme, Essie Fishnet Stockings (red), and Orchid Love at First White.  

By pure chance, the Boy and I managed to complete my Tokidoki Unicord collection that weekend, too!
Finally, it is mine!

I used a thin brush to make the flames on the red and black nails, and the red and white clouds were done with a dotting tool.  I ended up really liking the look of this mani, and hope I'll be able to do it better next time.  The left hand was really challenging, and I am so not showing it off ^^;

Enjoy the weekend!!

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