Monday, July 2, 2012

Meta! Kitteh with Kitteh Glitter

While I am tempted in a hypothetical sense, I would never paint the Kitteh's claws, because a) toxic and b) I like having unshredded hands, but polishes with names like Pam's Whimsical Ideas' Kitty Glitter make it more tempting than usual.

Kitteh: not a fan of polished claws

I've heard they've come up with non-toxic pet polish, but seriously. No. I realize it's mostly for dogs and dogs put up with a lot more crazy owner crap than cats do, but . . . 

I really don't get it.  Clearly taking pictures of one's pets with polish is much more reasonable.



. . . right then.  Now that that's clear.

I received Kitteh[sic] Glitter as part of a mini-haul of Pam's lovely polishes. 
Anyone else notice that all three are cat themed?
This would make more sense if you knew that Pam's cat's name is Kismet ^^;
I've been swearing up and down that I'll slow down on indie-buying, but when they keep making polishes as lovely as these, I'm not holding my breath.

The only real problem (other than impending debt) I find with the indies is the preponderance of glitters means acetone for me, and hence, lots of Lush's Lemony Flutter.

Even with the Lemony Flutter, my cuticles are definitely showing the abuse.

Here are some better shots of the polishes!
How gorgeous are these??
Since my nails are still recovering from a vicious paring after I ripped one last week, I decided that Seuss and Kismet's Pajamas will have to wait until I have longer nails.

It's a damn shame, because they're both ridiculously gorgeous. But I do think I'll like them better when I have a couple of mm of nails past my finger tips ^^;

So since I'm mostly keeping myself to pastels and neutrals while I am waiting for my nails to recuperate, Kitty Glitter seemed like a perfect polish that wouldn't highlight the stubbiness of my nails and which would still be fun.

It's a plus that the base is one of those perfect near-Tiffany Blue muted pastel blues with soft green undertones.  The glitter, as you can see, is made of of various sizes of shiny silver and pearly translucent white hexes.  The white hexes are very reminiscent of the ones found in what is probably my favorite non-indie polish so far this year, OPI's Pirouette my Whistle. 

Because I have this picture and it is appropriate here, bonus Kitteh! She's posing with Pirouette my Whistle, which I have to say, is a really obnoxious name for a totally beautiful polish.

You can't unsee it now, right? BWAHAHAHAHA!
This gets the super-size treatment because it cracks me up every single time I see it .  

While the Kitteh is a really photogenic kitteh, she is also a ridiculous goofball.

And when she makes faces like this, she totally reminds me of Bucky from the Get Fuzzy comics :D

 . . . Anyhow.   Kitty Glitter.

I decided to layer Kitty Glitter over a similarly-hued base color, and settled on Sonia Kashuk's Fairy Princess, a very close match to Kitty Glitter, albeit a bit more green.  It also as a bluish shimmer in it that unfortunately was not going to survive Kitty Glitter on top of it. 

It's not all that easy to see the shimmer here, but it peeks out a bit on the middle and ring fingers.

Man, I have no idea why my fingers look so . . . multi-colored in this pic.  Let's blame the lighting, ok?

Fairy Princess applied easily.  This is two generous coats of it. It's a fun color for spring or summer, I think.  I am not sure it's the most flattering color for me right now, as it seems to bring out some red in my fingers (obviously), but it's so creamy-looking and cool that I think I will ignore that fact :D

And the final product: one coat Sally Hansen Double Duty, my go-to base coat, 2 coats of Fairy Princess, two coats Kitty Glitter, two coats Seche Vite.
Outside, in partial shade

OK, so here's the deal.  I love Kitty Glitter.  I love the base color, and I love the mix of glitters in it. That said, I have a bit of an application issue that is pretty much my fault.  I rushed to the second coat faster than I ought to have, and it made it apply pretty unevenly, even in slightly lumpy ways. Two coats of Seche Vite took care of this, but I will be much more careful next time, because whenever I can avoid a thick manicure, I will. I don't like that dull feeling at the tips of my nails when it gets up towards 6 coats, especially when two of those coats are SV.

Here's a full sun picture.
Makes you want to jump into a refreshing pool, doesn't it?

I don't know why full shade pictures make me look jaundiced, but you're here for the polish pics, right?

As you can see from these pictures, the base color of Kitty Glitter can alternately pull more minty green or Tiffany Blue depending on your skin tone and the lighting. I think it might be pulling a bit more green because of the base color.  I'd be interested to see if that's different over a blue. It's slightly sheer, so it seems likely.

Look how mysteeeeeeeerious I am with my dark eyes . . .
and my Kitteh Glitter!

This polish is definitively Kitteh Approved!

I suspect that this polish is best for me as a layering polish. While I'm sure you could build it to full opacity, it would waste lots of product, and if you're at all impatient like I am, you'd probably try to put on new layers too quickly if you needed 3-4 coats for opacity, and this polish does not play nice with that. I don't mean that this is a flaw; I just have no ability to guage time properly and wait

ON THE OTHER HAND.  If you don't mind visible nail line, I think this would be awesome by itself.  I have stained nails right now, so it wasn't an option I wanted to take.

Kitty Glitter is an awesome color, and one I will be reaching for quite a bit.  Because I have a totally ridiculous notion of what's work appropriate (come on, I have purple hair and work at a University :D), I might even wear it to class early in the semester :DDD

You wants it, don't you? I can tell
Where to buy these polishes:
You can buy Sonia Kashuk polishes at Target for about $5.

Whimsical Ideas by Pam can be found on her facebook page.  Polishes are $10. To order, you just email her the list, and then she'll invoice you.  It's much less stressful than the bigcartel and etsy flash sales, and she has some really fantastic colors.

When I'm off my no-buy (following an utterly ridiculous purchase from Hits in Brazil), I'm definitely getting at least 3 or 4 more of her polishes :DDD Saturday Morning Cartoons, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Green Thumb come to mind.

If you celebrate the Fourth of July, I hope you have a safe and fun holiday and eat lots of grilled goodies!

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  1. Seuss is perfection. I could not imagine a more appropriate color to represent the Dr. Seuss books, wow! Although in terms of which I'd like to try most, probably Kimset's Pajamas wins that one. It's really unique looking!