Friday, June 22, 2012

The Kitteh of Time: Dollish Polish Hero of Time over Joe Fresh Moss

 I'm a bit of a layering fiend, and recently, I got two different nail mails in the same day that seemed made for each other:
Joe Fresh: Moss and Dollish Polish: The Hero of Time

The Joe Fresh polish is a Canadian nail polish I received from a friend from grad school, along with the coveted Twilight, a black jelly with flakies, very similar to Nfu Oh 60, and Teal, which is actually not Teal at all, but a sort of dusty blue somewhat similar to the color of Butter London's Victoriana, but a slight shimmery polish, rather than a glitter.

The glitter topcoat is one of Dollish Polish's Legend of Zelda polishes that come as a set.  The other one is Hylian Princess and is predominantly purple and gold.  I haven't worn it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it, as soon as I figure out what kind of  "underwear" will work with it. 

Okay, so I *cough* forgot *cough* to take a picture of Joe Fresh Moss alone on the nails, because it made my hands turn a godawful shade of zombie-warmed-over. I suspect it will look much much better on other people who don't have as much yellow in their skin tones, but for me, this will always be a polish to top with other colors. 

I'm not a fan of the short and thin brush that the Joe Fresh polishes use. SInce it's not really a self-leveling polish, the thin brush can make application a bit awkward.

That said, I think these two polishes work really well together.

The murky green of Moss really sets off the variety of green, gold, tan and brown glitters in The Hero of Time. They seem to float atop the base coat. 

This is one coat of the Hero of Time over Joe Fresh Moss. It probably could be built up to opacity, but I think I like it better as a topcoat. This picture is a bit blurry, but I think it shows better how the glitters catch the light :)

Requisite Kitteh + Bottle Shot
Look how heroic I am! *cue stirring movie soundtrack*

This one is also pretty awesome :D
It's actually pretty hard to get a good bottle shot with an at times uncooperative kitteh.

Also, she seems to have really odd ideas about appropriate posing for a polish.

To me, "The Hero of Time" carries some strong cues for effective posing, but clearly, the Kitteh has different associations with heroism.  Clearly she needs to play more Legend of Zelda games.

Rejected Kitteh + bottle shots 
Intriguing, possibly tasty.

The Kitteh's most common reaction to having a bottle of polish in front of her is to smell it.

She never looks particularly pleased by the result, yet she seems compelled to do it.

Likewise, I am compelled to photograph her doing it.  It is a vicious cycle, but its our vicious cycle.

Psycho Kitteh! RUN AWAY

I can't pass up hilarious yawning pictures, but I feel like they might give a somewhat bad impression of awesome polishes.

Seriously.  That is a scary face.  The face of a kitteh who has sniffed way too many polish fumes and isn't afraid to let the whole world know.

Oh . . . no. Just . . . no. 

Oh yes, the slightly-sticking-out-tongue look.

 . . . Always a classic.

Kitteh Calisthenics: Always good after a strenuous photo shoot. 

There is nothing wrong with this picture.  It just wasn't quite as heroic-looking as the first one.

Anyhow. Joe Fresh Moss and Dollish Polish Hero of Time. A really fantastic combination, but probably the only way I'm going to wear Moss, because it hates my skin tone so incredibly much.
Dollish Polish can be purchased here at her store. If you want The Hero of Time, you must get it as part of the Legend of Zelda Duo from her Gamer Series. Full size is $17.50 for the set, and minis are $9.  As for Joe Fresh, I'm not sure if you can order it from the US, as mine was a gift.

Bottom Line:

Joe Fresh Moss:
A fine mossy green creme, but terrible on my skin.  The brush makes application a bit annoying, but nothing one can't work around.

The Hero of Time: Kitteh-Approved!
An excellent and fun glitter topcoat, though not one I'd likely want to fiddle with enough to get full coverage.  Instead, I'd probably use a more dense glitter green, like Orly Here Comes Trouble as a base and work from there. That said, as a topcoat, it had a nice application and complex color mix that is really interesting, especially with the small light brown glitters.  I like the variety of colors and sizes of glitter, and am intrigued by the idea of trying this over a rich brown or a tan.

Bonus Kitteh!
Random shots of the Kitteh adventuring in our front lawn, which our landlords desperately need to mow

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*coughcough*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

    In case it wasn't obvious before, I have a huge weekness for the green-blue spectrum, so these nails are like my favorite thing ever. And I know you weren't overly impressed with the Joe polish, but it actually looks like it would be a great base for Hulk-themed nails. I shall look into finding local dupes.

  2. Hulk Nails! I will want to see this! It is fun that the Avengers movie actually made the Hulk a character who was interesting and compelling. Most of my Hulk impressions were from the terrible 1980s tv show, so the Hulk was not really on my radar as a character I would be invested in.

    To be fair to the Joe polish, I was mostly dismayed by the way it made my skin look sooooooooo nasty. And that is less the polish's fault than an issue with non-complementary colors in my skintone.

    The BRUSH though . . . well, it's an issue with short polishes that they need short brushes. And a short brush with a big handle is not so great for handling. A short, THIN brush with a big handle . . . I am not that coordinated ^^;