Friday, June 22, 2012

Still life with Pawlish: Greetings from the Kitteh and the stash!

Meet the Kitteh. 
She's been with us since 2009 when she showed up on our porch a straggly scrawny stray. The Boy, my husband, was smitten, and fed her some canned deviled ham.  

The Kitteh knew a good deal and stayed, but we weren't allowed to have pets. 

 . . . . . 

So she sucked up to our landlord until our lease mysteriously changed, allowing pets. 

 . . . . .

She's a tricksy one.  

By the time our landlady had relented, she'd been "the kitteh" so long (because you know once you've named an animal, she's yours), that no other name stuck. So "The Kitteh" she remains.

Clearly, she's filled out a bit since then :DDD

Fluffiest tail, EVAH.

Now she rules the house, and poses with my nail polish. It's a rough life. 

She's very judgmental about my stash, and my lack of self control.

I am so disappointed in you.

Nevertheless, she  allows herself to be photographed with the polish :D

So. This is a small and silly blog dedicated to my kitteh and my polishes. If you found us, I hope you enjoy your visit :DDD

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it ANG!!!! :O)
    Soooo glad u finally did it!!!! :O)
    Kitteh is gonna be a rock :O)